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    About us

    About us

    Keeptank doo is a specialized company for the installation of installation equipment for heating, air conditioning, plumbing and sewerage, sanitary equipment, garden and garden equipment, pool equipment, tools and other equipment used in modern construction of residential, commercial, industrial and other types The range of our company includes about 10,000 items from the above areas of construction.

    Our history

    2002. Pešic Slavoljub founded Keeptank as a shop for servicing graphic devices and equipment, while in 2003 he opened his first retail facility in Nis with a modest 1000 items and 3 employees. From year to year, the range of products expanded, so in 2008 he founded the company KEEPTANK doo and increased the range of products to 5,000 items. In 2016, the founder Slavoljub retired and put his son Milan at the head of the company, who from that day took over the management of KEEPTANK and already in 2017 opened the online shop and increased the range of products to today's 10,000 items. Today, KEEPTANK employs 12 workers and is the leading leader in the sale of equipment for HEATING - PLUMBING-INSTALLATION-GARDEN-SANITARY ELECTRO-PAINT-TOOLS.

    • We are proud that customers can enjoy shopping at our online shop Keeptank.
    • We give every customer the best advice

    Our mission

    Listening to the time to come, we continuously improve our organization and always, one step ahead of others, meet the growing expectations of the market. We provide a unique experience of buying products that feature quality, safety and innovation. We are committed to activities that aim to make a positive impact on society.


    Quality of products, services, affordable price and above all customer care. Simple formula: Your satisfaction = our success!


    Our main goal is to provide customers and clients with as much money as possible at all times, appreciating their time and faith in us. In return, we gain regular customers, partners and associates. So far, we have succeeded in that, and we will try to keep it that way in the coming years.

    "True success is never a product of chance, but the result of thoughtful teamwork and hard work."

    Welcome to KEEPTANK!


    Abbreviated business name: KEEPTANK DOO

    Address: Obilićev Venac 39 a

    Industry and activity code: Other retail sale of new goods - 4778

    Registration number: 20426829

    Tax number: 105632925

    Phone +381 18 451 66 66

    E-mail: [email protected]