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    Way of delivery

    Delivery method


    Price list and delivery time for all delivery orders are charged according to the following price list:

    Weight (kg)Delivery price (RSD)
    to 2449
    2.01 - 5599
    5 - 10899

    * Featured prices include VAT

    Delivery of small and medium shipments (up to 35 kg) is done by courier service. Expected delivery time is 3-5 working days. In case of consolidation of several shipments into one, the expected delivery time is 5-7 working days. If you pay for the order by e-banking or payment slip, this deadline is calculated from the moment Keeptank records your payment. If you pay by cash on delivery or payment card, the delivery time is calculated from the moment the order is created. If you want to check the status of your order, you can do so from the "My Account" section. On the day the courier picks up your shipment, you will receive an email notification that the shipment has been picked up. Delivery is made every working day between 8 am and 5 pm. On the day of delivery, you will receive a call / Viber / SMS notification so you know when to expect delivery.

    Download on parcel machines

    In order to make it easier for our customers to pick up shipments, through the partner courier service DExpress we offer the possibility of picking up shipments at "parcel machines" (storage devices for picking up packages), which are currently installed at 30 locations in Belgrade at NIS petrol and Gazprom gas stations. has the option of selecting parcel machines at any of the available locations in the city of Belgrade, regardless of the specified delivery address.The process of this method of delivery consists of three simple steps:

    1. After the courier service picks up the shipment you ordered on the website, you will receive a notification via Viber or SMS with a link through which you choose the location of the Package to pick up.

    2. The moment your package is delivered to the selected location, you will be notified, as well as the CODE for opening the compartment with your package.

    3. You can pick up your package at the petrol station you have chosen to pick up the package.

    · If you have already paid for the shipment (by payment card or payment to the account), go straight to the parcel machine, enter the CODE from the message and pick up your shipment

    · If you pay for the package by cash on delivery, read the CODE from the message at the gas station checkout, pay the cashier and then enter the CODE on the parcel machine and pick up your package.